2004 BMW Z4S 3.0 Manual – SOLD

We at Bespoke Traders are happy to present this very fine example of a 2004 BMW Z4 for sale.

Sold to it’s first owner of Wooton, Northampton by BMW North Oxford, the car was registered new on the 20th May 2004 under the registration mark OE04 FRV.

The car was purchased for a sum of £34175, and included a whole host of optional extras, these are detailed as follows;

Sterling grey metallic paint, folding electric mirrors, composite star spoke alloys, wind deflector, heated seats, BMW 6 disc CD changer, xenon headlights, and Hi-fi pro carver system.

The BMW received a service on the 1st September 2005 at 11326 miles.

The car was then sold to it’s second owner in North London in September 2005 with 11500 miles, and was registered with a cherished plate. The car was then serviced by various BMW agents in North London, these works included a new radiator.

The mileage at the cars first MOT in 2007 was 27690 miles, meaning the first owner doing 11500 miles and the second owner doing 16190.

The annual mileage of the car decreased to approximately 2000 miles a year upto 2012, from then the mileage decreased to approximately 200-300 miles a year. From 2014-2019 the car only acheived 101 miles.

Sold to it’s third owner in Chelmsford, Essex in May 2019 the car was subject to a SORN on the 30th May 2019.

Purchased by the current owner on 21st August 2020 at 39807 miles. The car was serviced by a non BMW dealer on 17th August and MOT’d. (MOT expiry 18th August 2021). The car was delivered to it’s current owner by lorry and was again, re-registered with the owner’s cherished registration number of which will be removed upon sale of the car.
The car has still only done 39709 miles, so only 622 in the 9 months of ownership.
Invoices included in the file of all works undertaken by present owner. These include, new BMW wheel caps in September 2020, half a litre of touch up paint, New front tyres in November 2020, drinks holder replaced in March 2021, new front discs, pads and sensors in April 2021.
The car has always been garaged and is now being stored in a professional storage facility.
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