1974 KAWASAKI 900cc Z1-A – £19,500


US spec model Z1-A , imported and registered into the UK 2020, completely rebuilt. Candy green metallic, with (expensive) optional steering damper.
Frame and bodywork professionally painted. Exhaust are for of the later Z series (very valuable)
Converted to modern ‘O Ring’ chain, using correct original chain oiler, all correct numbers. Starts instantly on the button, looks and runs like a new bike. Mileage is showing 8104 and bike will be provided with a full service and MOT (not needed but for reassurance).
Almost all of the electrics are brand new, including looms, switchgear, voltage regulator and points plate assembly. I will include the original Stanley sealed beam headlamp, but it is for the US market (dips the wrong way), for safety I have fitted a modern Lucas halogen unit.
All correct OEM Stanley reflectors, indicator and rear lenses, rear light has correct date code.
the speedo is from a Z1-B (even MPH numbers as well as odd) but is the correct OEM ND speedo, not a replica, also the ND rev counter has the correct (working) stop light. This bike is Uk registered with number plate RCH450M.

If you need any more info please don’t hesitate to contact us.