1971 Mini Moke original RHD – £35,000

Mini Moke KYX 960 P
Originally built in Australia in 1971 and supplied new with 13” wheels, 1100cc
engine and two leading shoe drum brakes, rubber splash guards, no heater or
demisters; front and rear tubular framed canvas covered seats and full
weather equipment.
Purchase in 1988 with approximately 17500 miles on the clock. The car
was kept in the garage of a holiday home thereafter and only used to drive to
and from the beach.Fitted a new ‘Runamoke’hood in 1989
which even now, is as new.
Taken off the road in 2009 and started a full toolroom grade restoration in
The car was completely stripped into its component parts.
The bodyshell was fine media blasted to remove all coatings and reveal any
rust spots. The two side panniers and front supports needed replacing and
nothing else. The shell was in very good condition. From blasting, it was etch
primed and then painted in the Original Australian BMC colour of Space Blue.
The rear subframe: it was stripped and found to be in perfect condition with
zero rust. All holes were plugged and shiny black powder coating applied. All
parts removed were cleaned to a very high standard. Trailing arms stripped
and painted in Hammerite silver, needle roller bearings checked and new
grease nipples fitted, rear drums (same as Copper S) painted in heat resistant
matt black, backplate and handbrake cable guide PC’d, new brake slave
cylinders, Goodrich stainless flexi pipes, new taper roller bearings, new hub oil
seals, new copper hydraulic pipes fitted, new accurate handbrake cable guide
bracket stainless steel washers made, special custom (DSN Classics) anodised
aluminium handbrake cable quadrants, special new adjustable toe-in and
camber brackets hand fettled, replated and fitted, new subframe pivot bushes
fitted, new Spax adjustable shock absorbers and whole subframe assembled
with custom stainless steel fixings, washers and coppergrease throughout.
The front subframe: after stripping was found to be in equally good condition
apart from one small ding which was repaired before it too was PC’d in shiny
black. The suspension parts were all blasted and PC’d (having been also
properly masked) shiny black. Adjustable front radius rods were fitted with 2
1/2& quot; deg front lower wishbones, all with competition grade bushes throughout.

New top arm plastic cups, dust covers, knuckle joints, needle roller
bearings, grease nipples and rebound rubbers fitted. All new stainless fixings,
including custom made radius rod end cups and flat washers, fitted
throughout. Lower wishbone and radius rod fixings used high tensile cap-head
bolts and coppergrease throughout.
Front brake, driveshafts and hub assembly were all upgraded with 8.4” disc
brakes. Hub swivel pin assemblies were stripped and rebuilt using new kits
(pins being lapped in with engineers fine grinding paste), shimmed and
assembled properly along with new bearings, oil seals, constant velocity joints,
rubber gaiters, rebuilt callipers, vgc brake discs and new Spax adjustable shock
absorbers. All new copper brake lines fabricated and Goodrich flexi stainless
steel pipes fitted.
Front and rear bumpers both retubed with correct gauge steel tubing and
custom made alloy end plugs fitted with rubber O rings. Fixings all custom
made in stainless. PC’d Mercedes silver.
Rear spare wheel attachment mechanism custom using EN8 steel bar, HE40
aluminium bar and 316 stainless, enabling quick release but secure and high
grade attachment.
Roll cage fitted with aircraft grade steel fixings and steel backing plates. PC’d
Mercedes silver. New front inertia reel seat belts fitted.
Seat frames blasted and PC’d Merc silver and fitted with custom high tensile
cap head bolts and custom stainless washers. New marine grade fabric tailor
made seat covers over special high density seat foam.
New dashboard and supplementary instruments (water temp, rev counter and
oil pressure guages) panel fabricated in special bodywork grade aluminium.
Wiper motor cover blasted and PC’d in Merc silver.
Windscreen surround blasted and PC’d in silver. Hood clips fixwd with aircraft
grade hollow rivets
Mirrors, brackets blasted and PC’d in silver and assembled using stainless
SS wipers.

The original 1100cc engine and gearbox assembly was replaced with a much
more powerful 1340 cc MG Metro and gearbox. Engine bored to +060”
increasing capacity to 1340cc using new pistons. Cylinder head skimmed and
checked. Crank ground .010” mains and big ends with new shells fitted.
Standard cam (the best standard cam made by BL/BMC), new followers, rebuilt
HIF44 carb and inlet manifold and new Maniflow 3 branch exhaust manifold,
exhaust pipe and silencer. All new custom brackets throughout.
Standard gearbox checked. Final drive 3.4. New Moke gear linkage supplied by
M parts fitted.
Wheels and tyres; Genuine Rover ‘Sportpack’ wheels fitted with new
Yokohama high performance tyres. Suspension set up and adjusted for
optimum, vice free road handling.
Beautiful to look at and huge fun to drive!

If you need any more info or requests a walk round video please don’t hesitate to ask.