1967 Lotus S2 49 Colin Chapmans iconic Formula 1 Recreation – £29,995



The lotus 49 was introduced in 1967 and driven to victory by Jim Clarke in its first ever race. The 49 won 12 formula 1 races and competed until 1970 when it was replaced with the Lotus 72.

This build was completed by S2 Engineering in the heart of the south west. Starting life in 2010 and completed in 2016. An original lotus 49 Nose cone was bought from Classic Team Lotus to work the bulkhead and to give the overall shape to the car. The chassis was then built and fabricated from steel tube and sheeting, along with the main aluminium body being constructed and put together by S2 engineering.

The steering rack was specially produced by a racing car developer along with an electric reverse gear which rolls the car back at a steady controllable pace.

Vehicle Specification:

  • MX5 Differential
  • MX5 Drive Shafts
  • MX5 Hubs,
  • MX5 Brakes
  • MX5 Steering Column
  • 1999 Honda Blackbird 1137cc Engine with fuel injection rated at 160 BHP
  • Honda Blackbird Radiator
  • Honda Blackbird 6 speed sequential Gearbox
  • Honda Blackbird Loom, ECU and Instrument cluster