1936 Norton 500cc Inter SOLD

Purchased by legendary motorcycle racer and tuner, Geoff Monty, in 2008, from the estate of gentleman racer Martin Morris, who purchased the bike at Bonhams in 2002.

This was the very last bike that Geoff worked on and there is a pic of him astride the bike before disassembly and assessment. It was then rebuilt over the next 4 years.

Frame: was in poor condition, so another genuine Inter frame was sourced. 

Wheels: were rebuilt by Central Wheels Birmingham using new British rims, stainless steel spokes and period red and black coachlining. 

Front forks: were trued, rebushed and reassembled with all new stainless fixings, spindles, clevis pins, very rare front wheel spindle and brass friction washers, by Inter guru Stu Rogers. New headstock ball bearings were fitted. The front hub was checked and the brake mech rebuilt top to bottom. Speedo, headlamp and ignition switch all checked. Andre damper checked.

Fuel tank: aluminium, pie crust, fitted with correct new duel brass fuel taps, new rubber mounts.

Oil tank: new rubber mounts. New armoured oil feed pipes fitted.

Engine: the bottom end was rebuilt by Geoff with new main bearings and trued according to classic assembly tradition. The big-end was found to be in very good condition. The oil pump removed and checked. The top end was rebuilt with new rings, new Manx cams, rocker pads, adjusters, custom waisted stainless barrel studs, correct bevel gear shims and Oldham couplings and the whole assembled by Norton OHC engine maestro Andy Savage. New front and rear engine plates. All new stainless engine bolts throughout.

Carb: genuine correct external brass float chamber TT 32 fitted.

Exhaust: new pipe together with correct fishtail exhaust.

Magdyno: rebuilt to as new spec by Dave Lindsey 

Gearbox: rebuilt with all new bearings, studs and fixings and correct Inter ratios by Andy Savage.

Clutch: rebuilt with new plates.

Primary and drive chains: new.

Sprockets: new engine, primary and rear.

Rear wheel: QD with stainless though-bolts. Rebuilt by Central wheels Birmingham, using new British rim, stainless steel spokes and period red and black coachlining. 

Seat: correct new-sprung rubber seat and new, mudguard mounted pad.

All-new control cables. 

Battery: new

Frame, front forks, front brake backplate, mudguards, stays, engine plates, primary chaincase, rear number plate and light bracket all painted correct black by JBS in Somerset (the only frame painting man).


The fishtail exhaust sounds superb and coupled with the aroma of Castrol ‘R’ when started, gives a truly evocative experience. To ride, it’s a bike with few vices, it handles amazingly well and is powerful in a smooth fashion. In the day they were considered to be the ‘R1’ or Fireblade of the time and most could reach 100 mph! All the Fleet Street photographers would use Inters, as they could get back with their photographic plates, in a haversack, faster than anyone else!… True!