Based at our Hawksfield Wadebridge Unit, Car Storage Cornwall specializes in the sourcing, brokerage and sales of rare, retro and exotic vehicles, including motorcycles, boats and any other gentlemen’s toys.

Car Storage Cornwall is different from most conventional car dealerships in that the driving force behind the business is not sales volume or market presence, the motivation is much more fundamental. It’s a true passion for the design and engineering of fine and rare vehicles.

Car Storage Cornwall was founded by Alexy Van Kimmenade. The love of automobiles has passed through his family for generations, so this  love of cars is not just a passion for Alexy, it has become his way of life. 

Do you have a premium or classic automobile that requires storage or kept ‘ready to drive’? Our year round concierge service covers all your automobile requirements.

We can arrange and supervise:

Servicing & Maintenance

Valeting & Detailing

Body & Wheel Repair/Painting

Parking & Storage

Collection & Delivery

Regular driving to keep your car at it’s best


Car Storage Cornwall

M: 07773 377 870