Bespoke Traders specializes in the sourcing, brokerage and sales of rare, retro and exotic vehicles, including motorcycles, boats and any other gentlemen’s toys.

Bespoke Traders is different from most conventional car dealerships in that the driving force behind the business is not sales volume or market presence, the motivation is much more fundamental. It’s a true passion for the design and engineering of fine and rare vehicles.

Bespoke Traders was founded by Alexy Van Kimmenade. The love of automobiles has passed through his family for generations, so this  love of cars is not just a passion for Alexy, it has become his way of life.

After travelling the world meeting and working for some of the most extravagant well known petrol heads,  the next obvious path was to pull together his knowledge, passion and superior global contacts and launch Bespoke Traders.

With elite global clients and contacts, with utmost customer service and knowledge of automobiles, Bespoke Traders will help you indulge in your petrol fueled cravings.

Sell on consignment: Sale or return basis.

  • By consigning your car to us, you are removing the hassle and stress of selling a car yourself and the unwanted tyre kickers.  Your vehicle will undergo a full detailing and photography shoot, so we can advertise your vehicle and give it the presentation it deserves. We cover all publicity and handle the paperwork for you.
  •  Buy any car at the right price which conforms to our vehicle style.
  • We source wanted vehicles, we are affiliated to many other worldwide dealers and private collectors. Knowledgeable and accurate representation along with careful, quality selection insures an enjoyable ownership experience.  If we do not have what you are looking for, we will find it.
  • If a vehicle is found, we will put together a detailed report i.e photo gallery, history file, present condition of vehicle to give the best idea of the car without the physical representation.

We are very flexible in tailoring for your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to help.

Do you have a premium or classic automobile that requires storage or kept ‘ready to drive’? Our year round concierge service covers all your automobile requirements.

We can arrange and supervise:

Servicing & Maintenance

Valeting & Detailing

Body & Wheel Repair/Painting

Parking & Storage

Collection & Delivery

Regular driving to keep your car at it’s best