1969 Ford Transit SWB Mk1 LHD van – £3495

Ford Transit SWB Mk1 LHD van
Reg: EGU774H
October 1969

This is a very unusual van. It came from Switzerland and still has the handbook present. I understand it was one elderly guy who had the car in the 1960’s new for his company and kept it when he retired.
The front doors open normally, the rear door is an up and over tailgate and the side loading door slides. I have never seen another Mk1 or mk2 like this.
The van has now been imported and is registered as EGU774H.

It needed an exhaust and runs very lumpy when cold but once warmed up seems to run well. The rear arches were not in great shape so replacements have just been welded in.
Sold as a restoration I know the van needs:

  • Front seats re-trimming
  • No Welding but as this has been done it will need paintwork
  • Tyres are old but legal
  • Slight oil leak from back of engine
  • Carb rebuild
  • Service