1983 Ford Escort XR3i LHD Mk3 – £5995

1983 Ford Escort XR3i LHD Mk3
72800km  (45200 miles)

This really is an outstanding Mk3 XR3i. It has lived near the Swiss/Italian border all it’s life and has escaped corrosion unlike many Escorts.
Although I never got a service book, it really does look like genuine mileage and even has genuine Ford mats!
The paintwork was sun faded so has been refinished to a high standard.
The seats are unworn and look fresh
The body is straight and clean, underneath is very clean indeed.
The wheels have been refurbished and have a new set of Pirelli tyres.
MOT August 2018, new cambelt, tensioner and full service in November 2017
It has an RS1600i alloy rocker cover, poly bushes, and a washable panel filter and is otherwise standard.
The dashboard is the only thing letting the car down, it has been repaired at some stage but cracks are visible.