1965 Ford Mustang fastback GT350 Shelby recreation

This incredibly fast Mustang has F.I.A for historic B class race papers and ready to be use on track. We are going through the process of registering for use within the UK and comes with a full recent MOT.

This 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback started life as the very sort after Performance K Code edition. People often ask how the K-Code engine was different from the other 289 engines that fell under the D, C and A codes produced from 1965 to 1967 Mustangs. For starters, this engine featured upgraded pistons, cylinder heads, carburettor, lifter heads, and connecting rods. With power output peaking to around 271BHP.

The Ford 289 racing Cobra 4.7l engine comes with a fully built engine with forged rods and balanced cams. Also comes with the Cobra Aluminium Sump and Edelbroke Manifold. Double pump carb and Racing ignition coils are part of the many extras added to this car. Added oil cooler to keep the temperature down on long track days.

The metric Fuel pump has been blanked off to allow for two Faccit racing fuel pumps. Larger single piece export brace and over axle track bars & traction bars.

Fully functioning brake ducts.

A lot of care and time has been spent on this very uncompromising car and is a very convincing replica.